5 Things You Could Do with Your Own Personal Satellite

On July 1, Rocket Lab announced it will be the first commercial company to build and operate an orbital launch site. New Zealand, specifically the Canterbury region, will be the home base for Rocket Lab’s new endeavor.

Rocket Lab plans to transport small satellites to Low Earth orbit. The satellites will be used for imaging and communication task such as weather monitoring, crop optimization, natural disaster management, search and rescue data, GPS, and internet from space.

New Zealand was picked because of its access to high inclination and sun-synchronous orbits, which is perfect for small satellites. This location has low air and sea traffic as well, which is important for frequent launch.

Launch frequency from this site makes Rocket Lab closer to its goal of making space commercially accessible and is needed to meet the demands of customers. The launch site is projected to be completed by the end of 2015 and will be at the affordable price of $4.9 million. What if you had $4.9 million to spend on a satellite just for your benefit? Here are five things you could do with your own personal satellite:

1. Boyfriend Tracker

Need to find a no good, cheating boyfriend? Maybe you want to find the guy from the park you really wanted to talk to but didn’t. With a personal satellite you can utilize GPS to track down your target, no matter the purpose.

2. Unlimited Data

Personally, I don’t have this problem because I am a Sprint customer but majority of my friends are always complaining about how they’ve used up all of their data for the month. Sucks to suck. But you could use your personal satellite to gain unlimited data. Be stress free when you are connecting with friends on social media for extended periods of time.

3. Become a Superhero

These small satellites have been used for search and rescue plans and natural disaster management. Why not become the superhero you’ve always wanted to be and save the day. Create your own costume, alias, and land your headline in the newspaper by saving victims of natural disasters.

4. Make Big Money

With your own personal satellite, you can become a pro at growing crops. By monitoring the weather and utilizing technology for crop optimization, you can make a lot of money by becoming a farmer.

5. Out Weather the Weatherman

I know you get tired of the weatherman being completely wrong about the weather, too. You forget to bring your umbrella or rain jacket because he didn’t say it would rain. With your own personal satellite, you can be your own weatherperson and know what to expect every day. Put that weatherman out of business!