3 Sustainability Lessons from The Pac Man Solution

The Swiss are not big fans of littering and they are taking their environmental consciousness to the next level by cleaning up their spaces. After launching small satellites in space, their next plan of action is to take them out of orbit.

One reason for the launch of this project is the negative effect space trash may have on other satellites and astronauts. Also, EPFL wants to test a practical system for cleaning up space junk. The EPFL settled on what they call, the Pac Man solution. A satellite that would trap smaller satellites with a net and would then burn everything as it de-orbits.

The Swiss are making great strides in making the universe a cleaner space for future research. We should learn from their example and take steps to cleaning up our planet. Here are three sustainability lessons we can learn from the Pac Man solution:

Lesson #1: Plan for the Future

The EPFL is thinking about the impact space junk has on future satellite launches. You should be aware of your impact on the environment for the sake of your grandchildren, your great grandchildren, and so on. Everything we do to our planet could have long term affects that can be very scary for future generations. Picture chaotic natural disasters taking place everywhere. Don’t condemn your future family to such an awful fate!

Lesson #2: Clean Up Your Mess

Don’t litter, just don’t do it. It makes you look really lazy and rude. Put your trash where it goes and take responsibility for the things you leave behind. This is something you should have learned in elementary school but some people just couldn’t grasp the concept.

Lesson #3: Get Creative

The EPFL tossed out a lot of proposals for how to go about cleaning up space and eventually settled on the Pac Man solution. Get creative when recycling and don’t be afraid to reuse some of your junk. Turn your trash into something magnificent. Your trash can be your treasure.

Take a page from the Pac Man solution and clean up the planet. Be responsible, think about the future, and be creative when being environmental friendly. Like Captain Planet always said “the power is yours!”


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