Pigeon Dating Game Gets Release Date for PS4

Hatoful Boyfriend Coming To PlayStation in Late July

Sometimes a video game comes along with a premise so bizarre that it can’t not become a hit. Goat Simulator went from a cheap, buggy Steam game to a success in no time at all. But believe it or not, there’s a weirder idea out there than a game where you pretend to be a goat with powers. It’s a game where you date pigeons – a pigeon dating game, if you will. It’s called Hatoful Boyfriend, and it’s been a hit with critics and gamers alike. The surprising success of the pigeon dating game on Steam has caused it to make a leap to consoles as well. It was recently announced that Hatoful Boyfriend will be coming to the PlayStation 4 and Vita on July 21st, great news for any console fans who are also bird enthusiasts.

What Exactly Is This Pigeon Dating Game?

This may be confusing to non-gamers (and, frankly, many gamers). Hatoful Boyfriend exists as something of a subversion of the average dating simulator, where the protagonist, usually a high schooler, talks with people of the opposite sex at school every day until someone falls in love with them. Its become cliche and stale, but the pigeon dating game puts a new spin on it, placing your average dating sim hero into a post-apocalyptic world where she attends an all-pigeon high school. It’s your typical high school romance, just replace the boy or girl with a pigeon like you know you’ve always wanted to do.

What’s New In The PS4 Version?

PlayStation 4 owners who had never heard of the pigeon dating game can play it for the first time now, but there are also plenty of changes and new additions to surprise and delight the original Hatoful Boyfriend fans. Nigel Lowrie of Devolver Digital (the publisher of the pigeon dating game) excitedly announced that with the new content coming out, essentially there’s a whole new story to the game now. There’s even a brand new ending for old players to discover! There may even be doomsday devices to be found in the post-apocalyptic setting. Also, there are going to be some new characters for the romantic side of the pigeon dating game, including one from the sequel, also coming to PlayStation later this year.


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