Australia: Hunter Believes He has Found Extinct Thylacine

Hunter - Clapway

Earth is a massive place, and things have a tendency to get lost here. Sometimes it’s just your keys that you swear were on the kitchen table, and sometimes it’s entire species of animals that were thought to be extinct. A hunter in Australia is claiming to have evidence, and the wherewithal the proof that the Thylacine (also known as the Tasmanian tiger) — thought to be extinct — is actually still alive. It wouldn’t be the first time that a species was thought to be completely extinct, only to resurface years later.

Not the first to claim to have spotted the rare animal, lending credit to possibilities of existence

Since it was declared extinct in 1986 there have been hundreds of sightings of the dog-like marsupial, leading teams of researchers to dedicate their lives to the pursuit of this illusive animal. The Thylacine Research Unit dedicates most of their time and energy to finding the long lost species, and their overall mission statement describes their sentiment towards discovering the truth behind this mystery, “The overall mission of the T.R.U. is essentially to resolve the mystery surrounding the thylacine. To derive evidence of the species’ continued existence or extinction. This goal is pursued through the proactive collection of all forms of data and physical evidence from the field, well as documenting and evaluating sightings both current and historic.”

Is there any credible evidence as to the existence of the Thylacine?

Aside from a few scientists running around trying to find something believed to be extinct, there is not much hard evidence to prove that these marsupials still exist. While there have been hundreds of sightings, a lack of critical evidence makes the stories difficult to believe.

Now an Australian hunter has emerged, who is certain that the dash cam footage here he captured in Tasmania is irrefutable prove of the Thylacine existence. Whether it’s mere speculation, urban legend camp fire stories, or the Thylacine is actually not an extinct species remains a mystery for now. That being said with determined scientists at the front of a search for the creature, if it’s out there it will soon be found.