Fishing Ban Established in Areas around the Arctic Ocean

The situation leading to the Fishing Ban

Lately, there have been numerous reports and debates on the issue of climate change, rising sea levels, and other climate-related news that shows some scary trends happening. Whether or not you believe that the sea level is rising all over the world from melting ice caps is irrelevant, though.
This is because officials in the areas surrounded by the Arctic Ocean have implemented a fishing ban in the region. These areas include nations such as Russia, the U.S., Denmark, etc. The full report of the nations reaching this decision and the information it was decided on can be found here.

The Fishing Ban and Its Concern

Several different news outlets let out news of the rising sea level that was inevitable with climate change, including a press release from the U.S Department of State on Thursday and another from the NOAA.

Both state that based on the information gathered on the climate conditions in the year 2014, the resulting melting ice caps, and rising sea levels, five nations in the Arctic Ocean signed an agreement of banning commercial fishing around the region—unregulated fishing, that is. Although they all agree fishing in this area probably won’t happen, it is nevertheless important to consider the current climate conditions and concerns, and lack of marine life knowledge in the area to not allow fishing.

Any fishing that does occur in the region must follow the regulation put forth by the agreement. Also with the implementing of the fishing ban, further scientific research is intended to be conducted to better understand the ecosystem of this region.

Further information

For the U.S. this agreement builds on previous establishments in place already. So it is not anything new but is it’s a more widespread measure now than it was before. To help regulated this and the issues of the regions the OPA is tasked with keeping up the agreement, the specifics of that agreement, and maintain the fish stock in the Arctic.
More information will be available as time goes on. But a lot of work is expected for the foreseeable future as well.

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