The First Man on the Moon’s Suit Saved!

The idea of Preservation

On Monday, the nation celebrated an incredible feat for humanity. On July 20th, 1969 NASA and the nation received first footage from the moon from Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. There, many witnessed them take their first steps on the moon and plant the US flag on alien soil.

Since the anniversary of the landing on the moon was on Monday, it was time for the world or the nation to give back in honor of the astronaut who went to the moon. The same day on Monday, as people were remembering the moon landing, the Smithsonian released news that it would be taking measures to ensure the memory of that historic moment was preserved in preserving Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit.

The Mission to Save the man on the moon’s suit.

After the topic was broached by the Smithsonian to save the man on the moon’s suit, the museum also launched its first Kickstarter campaign to raise the money to save the spacesuit. Also in the announcement they released some plans for the suit that the suit would be a part of a future gallery display called the “Destination Moon” that would open a year after the fiftieth anniversary.

The Kickstarter, which has been giving people different incentives to donate to the campaign, still has twenty-four days left to go as of today, but it has already reached the intended $500,000 goal. What good news for Armstrong’s suit!

What’s next?

So, for the remainder of the days left, the Smithsonian will use any additional money for the purpose of preserving another space suit. As for the man on the moon’s suit, it will be restored and put on display in time for the fiftieth anniversary in 2019.

For the staff at the Smithsonian, their reaction has been positive but also surprised at how fast they reached their goal for funding. Nevertheless, it was a welcomed taken back reaction. Now to wait for the remaining days to pass and see what the funds come up to and patiently wait for 2019 to come around the corner to today.

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