6k Resolution Camera Will Let People Watch High Def Videos from the ISS

With our cultural reliance on technology, even the astronauts are now taking videos from the ISS to upload on YouTube. Now, a new 6k Resolution camera, which scientists are sending up to the space station, will make the videos from the ISS even more impressive.

The New Camera

The new camera that NASA scientists are sending up to the International Space Station, or ISS, will display in a much higher resolution than anything most people have ever seen before. The camera is called the Red Epic Dragon, and it can capture both still images and motion video in a 6k resolution.

16k Resolution Camera Will Let People Watch High Def Videos from the ISS - Clapway

If you don’t know very much about video display, ‘high definition’ is considered to be a pixel count of 1,920 x 1,080 on a consumer television. The Ultra HD 4k resolution has a pixel count of 3,840 x 2,160. 6k resolution, however, captures images at a resolution of 6,144 x 3,160 and at a framerate – or the number of still images in a single second of video – of 300 fps. This is a huge leap in technology and will lead to an ultra-enhanced clarity and all-around higher fidelity of video and still-image quality.

Getting Video from the ISS

NASA already takes videos from the ISS and puts them on YouTube. One of their YouTube Channels, ReelNASA, recently posted a group of videos from the ISS about astronauts floating about in zero gravity and experimenting on water. NASA wants people to be able to watch videos from the ISS and be interested in space and science. The videos will showcase various parts of the ISS, including inside and outside of the orbiting lab. By using the new camera, viewers will have a clearer image of what exactly is going on during investigations in space, which could ultimately assist in uncovering new discoveries. Spokespeople said that they will be posting videos from the ISS every few weeks for public
viewing on YouTube.

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