4 Tips for Better Mornings

What was your first thought when you woke up today? Chances are it wasn’t positive. Getting out of bed can sometimes feel like the equivalent to climbing Mount Everest — out of reach and nearly impossible. Yet, everyday, we do it, and many of us do it with the supplementary burden of negativity. On a daily basis, we pick ourselves up and out of bed, into the shower, and essentially begin our routine with a sour mentality. Unbeknownst to many, our mindset in the morning affects our behavior for the rest of the day; so when you crawl out of bed miserable, you’re also inching yourself toward that much worse of a day. Well, it’s time you put an end to the cycle and recognize those mornings are wonderful — they’re beautifully silent and still in an otherwise fast-paced, overwhelming world. Mornings offer you peace in a way nothing else can, because they allow you to embrace the coming 24 hours in however way you choose to do so. But if that’s somehow not enough to change your outlook every time you reach over to your alarm clock, maybe these nonscientific (and based on my experience) tips will help.

morning - Clapway


1. Plan Ahead

Who wants unnecessary anxiety before they even step out of the house? If you know that it takes you a ridiculously long time to pick an outfit or organize your lunch every morning, why are you still leaving it for last minute? Prepare the night prior. Have your day’s wardrobe set aside and your lunch, packed and ready to go, before you go to sleep so that when you wake up you don’t have to stress about either. Pinpoint what your trouble areas are every morning and plan beforehand.

2. Stop Skipping Breakfast

People have been telling you since you were in the womb that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast foods are deliciously yummy and enticing, and for some reason, they are so often ignored. Well, stop ignoring what’s right in front of you and love breakfast food back — it’ll forgive you for staying away for so long.

morning - Clapway

3. Wake Up Earlier

I know, but hear me out for a second. Waking up 30 minutes before you have to be at the bus stop or at work, doesn’t really give you enough time to chill out and process your thoughts. I would imagine it doesn’t even give you enough time to even eat (which is something you will be doing from now on, right?). Even if you plan your itinerary the night before, give yourself extra time to breathe. Having your cup of coffee comfortably at home – cool, collected and calm – will feel as great as it tastes.

4. Pump Up the Bass

Music can make all the difference when it comes to dictating your mood, so load up with groovy and bass-heavy tracks and start dancing your way to work. Shimmy through the crowds as you cha-cha and slide into the subway to slyly grin at all the wretched zombies around you with morning breath and eye-go – now hit the dance floor!