Be In Control Of Life’s Soundtrack With GoGlove

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Ben Harris and Eric Ely, makers of the GoGlove, are back at it again. This time, they’ve revamped “The Ultimate Activity Accessory” to include several new, innovative features, perfect for music lovers, everyday athletes, and adventure seekers all around the world.

The nifty device essentially acts as a wireless Bluetooth controller that allows you to control the music playback features on your phone without having to dig through your pockets to find it. The idea for the versatile gadget came about when Harris, an avid skier, grew tired of having to take off his gloves to fumble with his phone while out on the slopes. When he approached his cousin Eric with his idea for the GoGlove, the duo set out to bring the project to life.

To use the device and trigger an action on your phone (change the song, play, pause, etc.), all you have to do is press the correct finger to your thumb – the sensors placed in your fingertips will do the rest. GoGlove’s new and free mobile application will also allow you to customize the action for each finger as you go. Wear it as is or even under another pair of gloves. Don’t worry, the GoGlove won’t lose functionality thanks to Harris and Ely’s patented AirTap technology.


But the capabilities of the GoGlove go way beyond music. Any physical activity can be enhanced with the gadget – whether you’re a biker, runner, or skier, like Harris. Due to its open source code, for example, it’s possible for the GoGlove to work with your other apps on your phone, including Pandora, Spotify, Songza, etc.

Harris and Ely have also redesigned the module, so that the GoGlove can be used all-year round as a stand-alone phone remote. Clip the device to your shirt or fasten it to a key chain for seamless control of your favorite devices, such as your phone camera or your GoPro.

Be in full control at all times, whether you’re on or off a mountain. As their slogan goes, “Life has a soundtrack.” GoGlove simply lets you control yours.