Grow Your Own Microhabitat with Biopod

Biopod - Clapway

Ever wanted to grow your own herbs without fear of dogs, cats or birds destroying it? Or are you looking for a good habitat for your pet reptile? Biopod is a new gadget out of Calgary, Canada, that allows you to have your own smart microhabitat at home.

Rainforest  - Clapway

Biopod uses extremely advanced technology to allow users to grow anything from an herb garden to a rain forest and replicate its exact conditions directly from your own home. Its technology allows for temperature, light, humidity, ventilation and rainfall to be controlled automatically, from the Biopod cloud. The cloud receives performance reports from the pods at home and the Biopod team analyzes it, eventually sending it back with updated and improved conditions so that your pod is always safe for your pets and herbs.

The Biopod HD camera and app allow users to view their Biopod from wherever they are, and with automatic heating, irrigation and O2 emissions, the Biopod is ready to hit the markets in order to help replicate and protect microhabitats for endangered animals as well as provide your home with a safe environment for your pets.