Carson vs Trump: A World of Warcraft Match

Trump - Clapway

Ben Carson and Donald Trump are on opposite sides of the race for presidential candidacy, but somehow on the same pane: should they both back out? These World of Warcraft strategies they’ve exposed in recent debates just go to show that they really are unprepared to become the next American President.

Carson - Clapway

Ben Carson, neurosurgeon, has used a stale approach to the race. He does what every other politician does and blames the current government for everything that’s gone wrong. He calls Obama unfit to lead and the current administration at fault for everything that’s gone wrong in the past 8 years, and he only came to popularity because Donald Trump showed his true colors, and the next best was probably Ben Carson.

Honestly, Dr. Carson, it’s time to quit.

Donald Trump is a bad candidate, period. From referring to the African-American community as the ‘blacks’ like they’re his next door neighbors to wanting to build a wall to keep Mexicans out and make the Mexican government pay for it, there are just too many reasons to have Donald Trump drop out of the race. If he gets his way, the United States will likely be nuked by Russia, South Korea, or both.

But as these candidates continue their worthless game of strategic World of Warcraft, the race shows true leaders, hopefully the right ones are chosen for the next administration. In other news, the game World of Warcraft is to be made into its first cinematic film starring Travis Fimmel and Paula Patton. The film will be directed by Duncan Jones, David Bowie’s son, and the music will be made by Game of Thrones music composer Ramin Djawadi.