Biodegradable Way To Brew Coffee

Coffee - Clapway

Coffee has gone from one trend to the next. Dunkin’ Donuts popularized drive-thru for coffee. Starbucks gave us huge cups of iced frappe ridiculousness. And your local mom & pop coffee shops brought it all back to the basics with strong cappuccinos and simple but good cups of hot or iced coffee. Well, prepare for a new trend. Coffee on the go. What’s that, coffee on the go isn’t a new trend at all, you do it everyday. Not like this you don’t. The Hey Joe coffee mug is going to revamp the way you enjoy coffee.

Brew Coffee

Coffee - Clapway

The mug features a little tray for your disc shaped package of coffee and a button. You load the tray and you push the button. You’re done. You have a coffee served at an enjoyable temperature. Say you’re on a mountainside mountain adventure. You’re preparing to make a big hike today and you could use a little kick in the ass to get you going. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed coffee cooked in a pot, its got grit, but the Hey Joe is much smaller and more convenient than lugging around a bag of coffee grounds and a pot (assuming I wasn’t already bringing the pot for something else). Plus, the coffee packages are 100% biodegradable with seeds in them so whether you’re up scaling a mountain or camping by a river down below, you are not harming but helping the beautiful nature you came to enjoy.

The art of the Hey Joe coffee mug is in regulating temperature.

The art of the Hey Joe coffee mug is in regulating temperature. It’s damn hard to get coffee served right. It’s the goldilocks story of too hot or too cold, well here comes the third bed and it’s just right. The mug will warm you’re coffee whenever you like. Never drink cold coffee that isn’t intentionally so again.

The uses for such an invention are endless. Right now, the mug uses Hey Joe coffee ground packages available in medium and dark roast, but other companies could start packaging their own discs, and soon your favorite beans could be available to you, enjoyed at the perfect temperature for coffee, anytime you want.