What the Critics are Saying about the Xbox One Elite Controller

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Microsoft has recently released their newest controller for their Xbox One console, the Xbox One Elite controller. Critics and reviewers across the web have already gave their take on this new controller and many have said that this is one of the best controllers ever. This controller better be worth it with its reported price of $150 which is absolutely asinine.

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What the Critics are Saying about the Xbox One Elite Controller / xbox.com


Critics have pointed out that the biggest change from the original Xbox One controller to the Xbox One Elite controller is the visual design. Whilst still the same genetic make-up, it is reported that the Elite controller has a matte black finish with metal detailing. This controller also allows the paddle, the analog stick, and the D-pad options to be customized. Per reports, these items can be customized the way the user wants all via magnets. It is also reported that the Elite controller has a much better grip to avoiding dropping the controller and more durable analog sticks so they will last longer. Microsoft has stated that the two biggest selling points for their Xbox One Elite controller is the customization and the precision. This controller sure sounds like the real deal according to the critics, but is it really worth the insane price?


The critics say that this controller is worth it, but in this authors view it is not worth it via the blasphemous price of $150. Not only that, but in all my years of playing video games I have never once wanted to change the layout of one of my controllers. Even if I did, games usually give you controller options and often let players customize it. In other words, players can pick and choose what each buttons on the controller do via the in game options. This is not always the case in every video game, but most of them do have this option. The point is the customization of the analog stick, D-pad, and paddle is simply not necessary. The extra grip and durability is indeed an awesome feature and I am not discounting that this controller sounds really nice, but to pay $150 for a controller is just ridiculous. Three brand new games could be bought for that kind of money for goodness sake. This controller looks great, but if you want to spend $150 for a controller than be my guest.