Hillary Clinton Has No Idea What Encryption Is

Hilary Clinton Gave A Funny Answer to the Issue of Encryption

The dispute of information encryption rages on in the United States. With the terrorist attacks in Paris only adding fuel to the fire for those against encryption, Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton talks about the need for collaboration.

Encryption is For Protection, Not Terrorism

Clinton stated in a speech at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York that Silicon Valley should see the government as a friend and helper, not an enemy, especially through these times. She calls for the nation’s best minds in the technology industry to collaborate with the finest minds in the public market to create solutions that will keep the nation safe. While the dispute has gone back and forth for a while now, records that the Paris aggressors used encrypted message services to plan these attacks and communicate has brought the practicality of encryption to question.

The thing is, encryption is doing a whole more good than bad. What, then, should the government do? Monitor everyone’s activity? Implant chips onto our brains and track all movement?

ISIS Is Using All Tools Available, And While That Isn’t Great, It’s Inevitable

An ISIS handbook likewise advised followers on ways to avoid being sensed online, including making use of encrypted apps like Apple’s FaceTime and also iMessage instead of normal content messaging. Both messaging applications are totally secured down and Apple cannot access the information, even if legislation enforcement problems a warrant. ISIS additionally supposedly has a 24-hour aid work desk to aid with issues of secure communication. Law enforcement and government officials maintain that such strict file encryption is a public safety and security problem, asserting that authorities ought to have accessibility to stop terrorists from going undiscovered.

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