Halo 5 December DLC Teased in Latest Video

Halo 5 December DLC
Halo 5 December DLC

Halo 5 has hit the world with a tremendous amount of hype and anticipation, and now Microsoft has revealed more content coming next month. This new content will join Halo 5’s Forge Mode, which was announced weeks ago that it will also launch in December. 343 Industries, the brains behind Halo 5, has also commented on releasing various free updates in the coming months as well.


This new DLC was teased in Halo 5’s latest live stream by Microsoft. The video teased that there will be new weapons, new weapon skins, new armor, and possibly a Forge map set in space. Many people believe that one of the weapons looked like the M41 Rocket Launcher and that players will also get the Mark IV helmet. The weapon skins in the video released were black and gold variations of various weapons. This should just be the start of what could be loads of DLC coming to Halo 5. With how critically acclaimed the Halo series has been, it should be no surprise to continue to see more and more content. Halo 5 already received its first major update when Microsoft released what is known as the Battle of Shadow and Light. This update added the Big Team Battle Mode, dozens of new Req packs, and four brand new maps.

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Halo 5 December DLC


As mentioned earlier, more content should continue to be given to Halo 5. For now, Halo fans have this new DLC and the reported Forge Mode to look forward to next month. This should be enough to satisfy fans for the time being, but people will always be greedy for more. The good news for those greedy people is 343 Industries has stated more content will be on its way, but they have not officially announced anything more than this December DLC. Halo 5 has already received favorable reviews across the web and DLC will always help on improving a game. The fact that this DLC has also been confirmed to be free is icing on the cake. December should be an awesome month for Halo fans as they have major additions arriving to Halo 5 and there is certainly no better time to be a fan.