Russian Revenge Technology 101: How to Demoralize Turkey

Image: mobinovyc

Russia certainly has a reason to be livid after hearing about the latest thing that Turkey did to Russia. Per reports, a Russian jet was taken down by Turkey. This has clearly made Russia mad, but it seems like Russia does not want to retaliate via the military. However, it seems as if Russia wants to punish Turkey right where it hurts, economically.

Image: mobinovyc
Image: mobinovyc


Russia has absolutely every right in the world to want revenge on Turkey for what they did to them. It has been reported that both world leaders have requested both sides to avoid any sort of physical altercation. However, it has been reported that the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev ordered his government to hurt Turkey in a different way than physical altercation and that is to take away some of their resources. Medvedev stated that he ordered them to halt some joint investment projects and also to restrict any sort if imports to Turkey. Another economy minister, Alexei Ulyukayez, said that they will seize preparations for a joint free trade zone and also restrict any high-profile projects which would include a $20 billion nuclear power plant they are building in Turkey and the TurkStream gas pipeline. It has also been announced by Russia that they have officially suspended all communication and cooperation with the Turkish military. To say that Russia is fed up is an understatement and Turkey may have just made a vital mistake.


Turkey might soon regret ever taking down one of Russia’s jets as Russia is set to make Turkey’s life a living hell with their Russian revenge Perhaps the worst thing that could be done to an economy is having the goods and resources stripped from them. The nuclear power plant will also cause Turkey a lot of a trouble considering that that is an enormous power supply. Russian revenge is alive and well and Turkey looks as if they are going to get the full assault from it. Maybe they should have thought twice before they shot that jet down, because they just poked the hornet’s nest.