North Korean Nuclear Bomb to Protect The Country’s Sovereignty

North Korean Nuclear Bomb

North Korea has released a hint saying that they have a North Korean nuclear bomb prepared to defend the country and the dignity of the Republic. If this is true, then it is a very dangerous move in regards to North Korean nuclear power.

North Korean Nuclear Bomb

North Korea Has Tested Three Atomic Bombs, But a Hydrogen Bomb is More Powerful

There are mixed responses to the claim made by Kim Jong Un. Some are calling this a bluff to give the leader a more firm standing as the leader of the country. Experts are saying that North Korea doesn’t even have the capacity to make a hydrogen bomb, and there are factors that point that this is just a political ploy for Kim Jong Un to be taken more seriously.

North Korean Nuclear Bomb Announcement Did Not Come from National Defense Commission

Since Kim Jong Un made the announcement himself, something that happens only very rarely, experts believe that this is just an attempt to hype up the three generation dictatorship that has ruled the country.

There is also a disparity between the Korean version of the announcement and the English one. The Korean recount talks about Kim Il Sung’s gun fire being heard 70 years ago, and that the nation is now able to make the boom of a hydrogen or atomic bomb. This could mean that weapons in the country have been upgraded, but not necessarily that they have an H-bomb prepared to shoot.

North Korea Doesn’t Have the Science to Make A Hydrogen Bomb

Historically known to be ancient in terms of science and technology, North Korea has very little chances of developing a successful h-bomb and keep it under wraps. Though the country is very notably secretive, there’s just no way they could make the kind of scientific breakthroughs required to build a real threat in terms of nuclear weapons. South Korean intelligence agents have also fed this theory since they have no indication that such weaponry has been developed.