Open AI Will Go Head to Head With Facebook AI and Google AI

Open AI Will Go Head to Head With Facebook AI and Google AI

Elon Musk and other Silicon Valley juggernauts are making a billion-dollar investment in Open AI, which is a non-profit company that doubles as a research lab. As the name would suggest, the company focuses on artificial intelligence research.

Open AI

Is Tesla’s Next Target Artificial Intelligence?

People from all walks of life are coming together to invest in the research for artificial intelligence. Most are focused on molding it so it helps humans, like the self-driving car or supercomputers. But Open AI is focusing on finding out just how much good it can do, and how much bad.

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Open AI Has Free Range to Investigate the Power of Artificial Intelligence

The new company has no financial obligations to their investors, so they intend to spend all of their time figuring out the extent of the damage that it can do. Open AI believe that AI should be helpful to humans, but should also have some kind of liberty. There are obviously dangerous implications with this kind of intent, as most sci-fi content has proven. Other backers for the company include Reid Hoffman, who co-founded LinkedIn, Peter Thiel, Y-Combinator, and Amazon Web Services.

This AI Could Even Be Used for Weapon Development and Military Capabilities

The danger with this kind of company is that it could go as far as becoming a nuclear weapon. It is a big leap from what AIs are now. Facebook and Google have given artificial intelligence a good-natured face, but this kind of effort may take it a bit too far.

Autonomous weapons aren’t a far-fetched idea, but they are a dangerous one. While Facebook and Google are focusing on understanding deep learning technology to aid the human experiences, Elon Musk is looking to find out how far it can be taken. They aren’t looking to make a profit from it, merely conduct research.

It’s Not Likely That We Hear Anything from Open AI

This kind of venture tends to be a secretive one. We shouldn’t expect to be getting the latest scoop on artificial intelligence in Open AI press releases. It may take decades for the intelligence to be advanced enough to become the stuff of nightmares, but it will inevitably happen.

Google AI

On the venture, Elon Musk has said that he believes that so long as AI knowledge and technology remain within reach of the people, it really shouldn’t be a problem. The venture is no less dangerous and the risks are no less heavy, but this is a positive notion. Hopefully, experiments conducted at Open AI can find the ways AI can be harmful to people, and also figure out ways to counter any attacks courtesy of this intelligence.

In Twenty Years, AIs Could Be 100% Autonomous

Currently, any kind of artificial intelligence need input from humans in order to function properly. Whether or not this will change is still in debate. Artificial Intelligence is being researched by the most important companies in the world. We don’t expect much to be kept in the dark, but as the technology grows, things could go get covered in a lot of red tape.

Will Open AI Be Open?

Hopefully, Open AI remains with its transparent intentions. With investors like Elon Musk, who have been compared to Tony Stark in regards to his eccentric ventures, it’s likely that Open AI has a very big future ahead of it. It’ll soon enough come to be head to head with Facebook AI and Google AI, if we ever hear about it. This is the first venture to be so blatantly ambiguous about the up and coming technology, and it may get more spotlight than even virtual reality.

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