New Audi Q7 is Another Tesla, but in An SUV

New Audi Q7 is Another Tesla, but in An SUV Clapway

The next Audi Q7 is set to combine the power of electric cars with a SUV model. The Q7, first introduced in 2005, was Audi’s first SUV. Today, the car class makes up 44% of all car sales in the United States.

Audi Is Still Aiming for an All-Electric SUV with Audi Q7 Clapway

Volkswagen Group Wants in on SUV Profit

The SUV family at Audi, composed of the Q7 and Q5, is seeing some changes. The car maker is investing $3 billion in 2016 to bring out a Q2 compact SUV and a revamped Q5.

The goal is to penetrate and dominate the crossover market in the future. According to analysts, the amount of car sales in the US are expected to surpass the 2000 record of 17.4 million. Most of this new record will be set by SUVs.

Audi Is Still Aiming for an All-Electric SUV with Audi Q7

Monday’s announcement came accompanied by Audi’s reconfirmation on production of a fully electric SUV. This means they are surely not kidding around. The new vehicle will be based on the Audi e-tron Quattro concept, probably fused with the Q7, which was introduced at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt this past September. This SUV will be setting the bar pretty high, as this car will feature a 311-mile range.

Audio Will Expand Car Roster to 60 in 2016

As May 2015, Audi has 52 cars on their roster. The company announced that they plan on expanding to 60 models. These new models will include seven new plug-in electric vehicles. The car maker’s Q2 crossover already has a confirmed launch date for 2016.

Will Audi be the First Subsidiary to Bounce Back from Volkswagen Scandal?

It looks like Audi will be the first company to recover from Volkswagen huge scandal this year. It’s no surprise that the car maker’s new models will be plug-in and electrics. US authorities found software in certain Volkswagen diesel models that cheated emissions tests. Since then, the company has gone through very drastic changes. After some heavy changes of staff and getting fined up to $18 billion, Volkswagen is giving first signs of change.

Volkswagen Group Wants in on SUV Profit Clapway

Can Audi Compete with Tesla?

Tesla’s Model X is another all-electric SUV that is well sought after. With a price tag of $80,000, it’s a pretty buy. There is a chance for Audi to compete. Audi is a well known brand, both for its luxury and efficiency. They might just be able to give Elon Musk a run for his money.