Mercedes Ends Tie With BMW and Audi With New E-Class

Mercedes Ends Tie With BMW and Audi With New E-Class Clapway

Mercedes Benz has officially declared that they will end the tie they hold with the Audi A6 and BMW 5 Series with the announcement of their new E-Class vehicle. The new car brings in fresh innovation with classic elegance.

Mercedes Clapway

E-Class is The Core of the Mercedes Brand

The semi-autonomous car will be going on sale in the summer of 2016 and will feature drivers assistance as standard. Among these features are braking assist, which automatically stops or slows down the car to prevent accidents or pedestrians; driver attention assist, which tracks the driver’s drowsiness; and a new feature called Pre-Safe Sound, which reduces damage to passenger’s ears from an exploding airbag. This feature protects the passengers by making a sound that also reduces shock and confusion from collision, right before the car makes an impact. The sound triggers the human body’s stapedius reflex, which allows the inner ear to prepare itself for unexpected or loud noises.

Mercedes E-Class Definitely Beats out Audi and BMW Series 5

The new Mercedes E-Class will also feature a Drive Pilot system. This can keep the car at a safe distance from others on highways and country roads. It can also keep the car in lane in speeds of up to 130mph. It can also change lanes if prompted by the driver. The car is so smart, it can even calculate bends and shape your route judging by the position of other vehicles on the road. The luxury sedan also has a remote parking pilot system. This will allow drivers to take the car back into the garage through an app. That is pretty incredible, and will certainly put Mercedes ahead of Audi and BMW.

Autonomous Driving is the Future

Mercedes is hauling in the future by its toes, and it looks amazing. The new E-Class will be on sale in only a few months, and it will kickstart many changes on the roads. Other brands are also lined up to release semi-autonomous cars, and many others are in the works to release before 2020. By the end of the decade, the need for a driver might be lost to much of the developed world, though the same can’t be said for other countries. Still, this is a new era for drivers and driving enthusiasts everywhere.