Top 5 Cool Gadgets for Musicians like Skrillex and Steve Aoki

Top 5 Cool Gadgets for Musicians like Skrillex and Steve Aoki Clapway

When it comes to music, having proper gadgets is always nice. Sure, you can enjoy listening to music with your average headphones, and your mediocre music player. However, why not rock out with these following gadgets that even Skrillex and Steve Aoki would like?


First up on our list is the Pryma headphones. These headphones have an absolutely perfect combination of comfort and sound quality. Also, the material that was used to make them ensure that almost 100 percent of the sound stays within the earcups. The only issue is the price, which debuted at $500. Although, Skrillex and Steve Aoki would not find that an issue!


Sometimes you want to listen to music outside of your headphones. Well, the UE Boom 2 speaker will definitely make you feel like you are rocking like Steve Aoki and Skrillex. These Bluetooth speakers omit a breathtaking 360 degrees sound, and also will play for 15 hours on a single battery charge.


In the world today, music is most popularly gathered under a file format. However, back in the day, record players is how people would listen to music. The great thing is companies have not forgotten about them. The Archer Vinyl Record Player allows users to play old school records, but it also comes with an auxiliary input for smartphone use.


One of the most difficult hobbies to master is playing the guitar. It takes a ridiculous amount of patience, and most people simply do not have that patience. Well, the good news is that you can just get the Jamstik+ smart guitar. You simply connect the guitar to one of your smartphone devices and then play it with compatible apps. I wonder if Skrillex or Steve Aoki would have liked to know about this when they first practiced music?

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