Microsoft Exec Uses iPhone, Pepsi Exec Drinks Coca-Cola

Microsoft Exec Uses iPhone, Pepsi Exec Drinks Coca-Cola Clapway

Microsoft Corporate Vice President of Operating Systems Joe Belfiore was caught using an iPhone. This has had huge implications and controversy. This is a classic rivalry, like Pepsi and Coca-Cola’s. Users aren’t sure if it’s 100% okay for a Microsoft executive to be using a phone belonging to their main competition.

The Best Sold Windows Phone is 3 Years Old

The backlash wouldn’t be so severe if the person in question wasn’t a Microsoft executive. But Belfiore is directly involved in the development of the Windows Phone. Why would he be using a rival phone?

The truth is, times have changed drastically, especially for Windows. The corporation was once the dominant OS in the consumer market. Apple is the front runner in that department.

Even on the side of business, there is increasing strain for the corporation to keep up with Apple. Microsoft has been battling Apple in all respects. Windows 10 was well received after a few updates, and the Surface Pro also garnered positive reviews. The corporation has decided to replicate their success in the mobile world. They’ve made a lot of attempts at breaking into that branch of the industry, but Apple has had mind-blowing success regardless.

The Corporation’s CEO Also Used An iPhone

The fact that an executive was using an iPhone shows that Microsoft may not be as keen as they look to be. He even defended himself for using an iPhone, calling it a sort of field experiment to test out the competition. Understanding Apple might give the corporation more insight into their strategy.

Belfiore stated that people and businesses want their phones and computers to work seamlessly together. During his 9-month leave, Belfiore claims to be ‘getting to know’ the competition. There’s been no backlash from the corporation’s CEO, who has openly used an iPhone in official presentations.

Windows 10 has been seen a huge upgrade from previous Microsoft OS. The only major problem with Windows 10 is the fact that there are very few apps that the OS is compatible with. Microsoft is working on the very issue through two projects called Project Islandwood and Project Astoria though the latter is said to have already gotten shut down.

Microsoft vs Apple is Like Coca-Cola vs Pepsi

Microsoft has been reported to be working on a Surface phone, which will be the peak of Windows 10 hardware. It’s set to launch somewhere between this year and 2017.

This battle is not uncommon. Another famous rivalry is Coca-Cola and Pepsi, whose executives have also been caught drinking the competition’s product. This is probably a lot friendlier than it looks, but in the end it’s all about research.

Microsoft Exec Uses iPhone, Pepsi Exec Drinks Coca-Cola Clapway