Life Could Possibly Exist On Pluto; is NASA hiding something?

Life Could Possibly Exist On Pluto; is NASA hiding something? Clapway

Up until recently, it seems like all the hype surrounding extraterrestrial life in our solar system revolved around Mars. That hype is now being switched over to Pluto, as a new report shows traces of water on the ex-Planet. Using data collected by NASA’S New Horizons spacecraft, scientist were able to create a map that shows large amounts of water ice on the surface.

Life Could Possibly Exist On Pluto; is NASA hiding something? Clapway


With NASA’s latest maps of higher quality, it sure seems like New Horizons has revealed a prevalent source of water ice on Pluto. These new maps of the discovery were created with data from the New Horizon spacecraft on July 14, 2015. The first map was far less sensitive to the water ice than the latest addition. Despite these fascinating new reports, it is still rather unclear what potential this water ice has.


Water ice is the bedrock of crust on Pluto. Initially, this bedrock wasn’t thought to be as widespread across Pluto as was once thought. The most recent maps, however, prove otherwise. That being said, there seems to be a lack of water ice on the regions dubbed “Sputnik Planum” (the western region) and “Lowell Regio” (far north.) This implies that the bedrock of ice in these regions could be hidden well under a thick blanket of sorts.


Is this simply just a fascinating discovery that they cared to share with the world, or are they hiding something bigger. Conspiracy theorists surely have their opinion, but there is no doubt NASA is using this news for their own benefit. Apparently New Horizons has its sights on something else as well. There is a small object about 1 billion miles away from Pluto called 2014 MU69. New Horizons wants to investigate this object further. If NASA does approve the funds, the spacecraft will seek to get an up close study by 2019. With New Horizons beaming back these successful photos of potential life, are they setting themselves up for future space travel? What exactly does anyone see in the dwarf planet and beyond? For now, all one can do is ponder upon the possibilities.