China May Find UFO Faster Than NASA and Russia

China May Find UFO Faster Than NASA and Russia Clapway

There is a new space race these days, and it doesn’t involve the moon. It seems the three superpowers of the world are racing to find proof that UFO’s exist. Known for their space achievements, NASA and Russia are usually at the forefront of these headlines. However, this time around China is leading the way, and they may just beat everyone.

China May Find UFO Faster Than NASA and Russia Clapway


The communist government of China was never known for their warm hearts and caring attitude. This was further proven the other day as China kicked out 9,100 villagers to make way for a giant telescope. The purpose of this telescope is to hunt for UFO’s. One can imagine those villagers weren’t thrilled to find out about that. Although, considering the strict censorship, they probably have no idea. Continuing on the theme of Chinese secrecy, this UFO hunting telescope has an ulterior motive.


The U.S and NASA have been a large part of the Chinese “brain drain” over the years. Flocks of intelligent men and women have left China for the U.S. With the construction of the UFO telescope, China hopes to inspire young minds to stick around. In addition, they believe the telescope will attract some of the finest minds in the world. Not just to find UFO evidence, but to study the basic facts of astronomy and cosmology. In addition to the intellectual payoff, they have a chance to beat Russia and NASA. NASA’s recent discovery of gravitational waves caused an uproar in Chinese media. The fact that NASA could be close to a major discovery like this prompted the Chinese to make a quick action.


Well the rest of the world clamors for alien hunting technology, Russia thinks they may have found some proof. Days ago, footage from the International Space Station showed some curious footage. The film, taken from Russia, shows a unique spacecraft floating near the ISS. Potentially a piece of debris, or some other matter, nothing is certain. Russia has already had their fair share of alien conspiracy in the past years. Now it’s just a race to prove, or disprove it.