Samsung Galaxy S7: Top 5 Best Features

Samsung Galaxy S7: Top 5 Best Features Clapway

The day has almost arrived Samsung fans, and the Galaxy S7 is almost here! With its new waterproof design, fans have been trying to remain patient for this new smartphone. However, the wait is almost over so now seems like a great time to talk about the best features of the Samsung Galaxy S7.


Samsung looks as if they are going to hit it big with the camera of the Galaxy S7. The camera on this phone is high-performance and shoots incredible photos in dark areas. Not only this but Samsung also added a new feature called motion panorama. Basically, this allows you to animate a panoramic shot when you scroll over it.


A great bonus for the Galaxy S7 is that if you are not happy with the amount of onboard memory, you can add more. Due to the fact that you can add custom SD cards to this Samsung phone, you can add memory.


Many will think that smartphones come with too many pre-installed apps, and one can’t really blame them for thinking so. While the Samsung Galaxy S7 will indeed have many of these, the great thing is they won’t slow down the phone.


This feature is great for people who like to use their smartphone as a clock. The Galaxy S7 can have its screen on at all times, and it can display information like a calendar or clock. Sure, this is a very simple feature, but that doesn’t mean it’s not extremely useful.


Is anything more important than battery life when it comes down to it? I don’t think so, and the great thing is the Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with a tremendous battery. The smartphone will last you the entire day, and the battery is also bigger than its predecessor.