UFO Spotted in Russia: Putin Remains Silent

UFO Spotted in Russia: Putin Remains Silent Clapway

Aliens are after Russia, more specifically they’re after its leader. Weird footage has just been released showing what appears to be a UFO hovering over the skies of Vladimir Putin’s home in St. Petersburg. In typical Russian fashion, the President had no response.


In the video, some kind of mystery orb appears to show three lights glowing in a triangle formation (classic UFO formation by the way). This obscure footage was caught on camera by the commendable Vyacheslav Golovkin. Throughout the three minute video, the UFO appears to hover in the night sky of Russia and then burn out. It is better to burn out than to fade away, so the UFO made a good call on that part. In the meantime, Russia tries to figure out if it was actually an alien or just another lame attemptĀ of Obama trying to spy.


Despite Mr. Golovkinn’s convincing footage, skeptics seem to think this was hardly an alien craft found in Russia. More likely it was some parachutist or Chinese lanterns. Leave it up to the Chinese to get in on this hoax. Could this be a lame attempt by China to scare Russia back into communism? Perhaps it’s just a friendly joke between old buddies. Either way, people seem to think that craft is not a normal object. Whatever it is, Vladimir Putin could care less.


George Bush didn’t care about black people and Vladimir Putin doesn’t care about aliens. It doesn’t matter that a potentially dangerous UFO was flying over the motherland, Putin has much greater dilemmas on his plate to deal with. Take the Islamic State for example. Putin just knocked out an Islamic State stronghold with a wave of a hand. Even London Mayor Boris Johnson has commended him as well as the Syrian government. The Russian ruthlessness is alive and well with Vlad and for once, it’s being put to good use. Meanwhile, the west sits around doing nothing but pick their noses to wait for the iPhone 7 to come out. Hopefully, the Russian dominance will help carry the U.S through the next four years of Hillary or Trump as well.