Another Earth Exists: A Finding That Resembles One Previously by NASA

Another Earth Exists: A Finding That Resembles One Previously by NASA Clapway

Among the most prominent topics in the world is the existence of other planets like Earth. Well, many astronomers, after seeing some images from the ALMA, believe that a baby-like Earth is forming. Also, if you have a good memory then you will remember what NASA discovered last year. During the NASA Kepler mission, it was discovered that a planet, that is the roughly the size of Earth, was in the habitable zone around a sun-like star.


Per a release from the observatory, the images from the ALMA showed a planet-forming disk around TW Hydrae, which is a sun-like star close to our planet. The release also noted how the planet is fairly new at 10 million years old. Also, Sean Andrews, the lead author of the paper on TW Hydrae, mentions how these images show a series of dark gaps and dusty bright rings. Andrews suggests, in turn, that this means a planet that is similar to Earth is forming there. As far as distance goes, this planet is around 175 light years away. With this recent news and the news last year provided by NASA, it seems entirely possible that there are other planets like Earth.


In the middle of last year, NASA revealed that they had found something incredible. John Grunsfeld, an administrator at NASA, mentioned how on its 20th anniversary the Kepler discovered a planet that most resembles our planet. This exciting finding gives the world another reason why there may be an Earth 2.0, he said. This planet is also around 60 percent larger in diameter, and it can be considered a super-Earth, Grunsfeld said. When you combine these findings from NASA and the images from the ALMA, you get a combination for an exciting future!