Planet 9 is Behind the Comet

Planet 9 is Behind the Comet Clapway

2016 has been a huge year for Planet 9, to say the very least. Near the beginning of the year, research surfaced that suggested an unseen planet was in the solar system. Then, mere months later more research was surfaced that suggests Planet 9 may be triggering comet bombardments. If nothing else, this just proves that the solar system is so large that we, as people, can never know every single detail. However, all of this research is giving us more knowledge than we ever thought was possible.


Mike Brown, a Caltech professor, published his findings, earlier in the year, in The Astronomical Journal. In the published finding, Brown suggested that recent analysis had been done and it suggested the presence of an unknown planet. This unknown planet, which since then has been dubbed Planet 9, has ten times the mass of Earth, the report suggested. When his team found out about this, Brown could hardly keep his excitement in. Brown mentions how it would be really painful if someone physically saw it, and it wasn’t him. Unfortunately, he then mentions, this is probably going to happen and he’s ready for the pain.


Now, we turn to the most recent findings by Dr. Daniel Whitmire. This man, who is a retired astrophysicist, indicates that the planet’s suspected multi-million-year orbit may trigger a comet attack. The truly good thing, though, is his analysis suggests that this only happens once ever 27 million years. It happens when the planet passes through the Kuiper Belt, as it disrupts the path being followed by comets. His research also found, though, that this comet attack may not only strike down on Earth but also disintegrate in large numbers. Whitmire, however, gave the world some amazing news. He mentions how modern man doesn’t have to worry about this for 16 million years. Well, that is certainly a relief!