PS4: Top 7 Free Games For The Console

PS4: Top 7 Free Games For The Console Clapway

When it comes down to it, what is the point of paying for PS4 games? OK, so I can already hear you saying that you won’t get that many good games for free. I admit, you are not going to find a game like The Witcher 3 for free, but you can still find some solid games. To help you out so you don’t have to go digging for them, here are the top seven games that you can play for free on the PS4.


Let’s just say that Invokers Tournament is not League of Legends, but hey, at least, it’s free. This PS4 game is a multiplayer online battle arena game, much like League of Legends. I recommend this game a lot if you are interested in League of Legends, but want to start off slow. Think of this game as your training for League of Legends!


Pool games have never been my forte, to be completely honest. However, this all changed with Hustle Kings, and this free PS4 pool game is well worth your time. There is actually a very entertaining career mode, and also, the online tournaments are a nice touch. Sure, this may not be one of the best games you ever play, but it’s certainly worth your time if you love the game pool.


War Thunder certainly doesn’t suffer from lack of content because the game has an absurd amount of vehicles, numerous difficulty settings, and an overall wide scope of gameplay. If you are a history fan, specifically a fan of WWII, then you should definitely check out War Thunder on the PS4. The best part about this game is the more time you spend playing it, the more rewarded you will feel. You certainly won’t feel like your grinding for no reason.


Do you want to play a version of Battlefield that gives you ten times the players? If you do, then you need to check out Planetside 2. This is an online first person shooter game, and it’s basically Battlefield with a bigger scale. There can literally be thousands of gamers playing, and then they can be split into factions to fight for control of certain territories.


Back in the day, fans of video games fell in love with the shoot-em-up genre. Back when it wasn’t all about visuals, it was all about fun. Well, the free PS4 game Resogun certainly proved that shoot-em-up’s can still be as fun as they were years ago. This may be one of the most addictive shooting games I have ever played, and you will never want to stop playing. The amazing soundtrack of the game certainly helps matters, as well.


Screw Twisted Metal, if you just play World of Tanks then you will get your deathmatch urges satisfied. There are well over a hundred tanks that you can drive, and when you do you take part in a 15 v 15 deathmatch. This is only the main mode, however, and there are more gameplay modes available. However, the best part of World of Tanks on the PS4 is that it takes a lot of different strategies to beat.


As long as the story is not the most important element for you in video games, then this free PS4 title is a must play. Warframe puts you in control of a Tenno, which is a completely badass cyber ninja warrior, and on your quest, you have to complete several different objectives. It sounds simple, and it is, but that doesn’t stop it from being extremely entertaining.