NASA to Bring Photographers to Space

NASA to Bring Photographers to Space Clapway

Space exploration is a dream held by many young wannabe astronauts, but most never get the chance to look back at Earth. That is now changing. NASA is using popular websites Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to share photographs of taken by astronauts. Career engineers are now becoming photographers as they make their way into the social media spotlight. Their breathtaking images give those of us on Earth a glimpse of what it is like to be in space.

Space Travel & Photography

Space photography is nothing new to NASA. “Blue Marble” the first full view shot of Earth introduced the world to the beauties of space travel in 1972. Using high-tech cameras, astronauts not only return from missions with stories, but thousands of photos to share with the public. As cameras entered the digital age, NASA expanded their use of cameras on the ISS.

NASA “Photography Program”

The requirements to be an astronaut are already large, with a needed background in science and mathematics, but NASA now educates their astronauts in the art of photography. If you thought that getting the perfect picture here was hard, imagine taking a photo in a spacesuit while in motion. Astronauts face many challenges in getting the best shot. Those with the patience for photography return with amazing images. One such astronaut, Jeff Williams, took over 100,000 pictures in 2006. After a year-long mission on the ISS, astronaut Scott Kelly rose to fame with his pictures of Earth, which he shared through Twitter.

Staying Connected

With over 900 thousand images NASA is bringing the beauty of space to over 25 million followers between their Instagram and Twitter pages. Those who dream of exploring space can now do so with the touch of a screen.  As social media sites continue to change how the world stays connected, it will be exciting to see where NASA takes us next.