Aliens Left Footprints on Pluto

Aliens Left Footprints on Pluto Clapway

It turns out we’ve had it wrong all along. It’s not the Moon that’s made of cheese, it’s Pluto. At least, that would explain the giant bite mark that NASA’s New Horizons mission just discovered. Yes, it very well could be due to the transition of a substance from solid to gas, but it’s much more fun to just blame aliens.


Deep in the dark confines of Pluto’s western hemisphere, NASA’s New Horizon’s mission has made an interesting discovery. Pictures show what seems to be a large bite mark on the planet’s surface. Many scientists seem to think this is the cause of sublimation. Sublimation is when something transitions from a solid to gas. Being made of methane ice, Pluto’s surface could very well be making the move to becoming a gas in the atmosphere. This would reveal a layer of water-ice below. Surely, there is a logical explanation for all of this, but don’t rule out the possibility of deep space, water-ice hunting aliens.


Data from New Horizon’s spacecraft show that the plateau uplands on Pluto are loaded with methane. It seems that aliens would certainly have an interest in methane, but scientists, being the logical ones and all, think that the methane is transitioning. This, in turn, is causing the plateau to erode along the side of the cliffs unveiling the plains of Piri Planitia. Piri Planitia is said to have more water ice than that of the higher locations. This may indicate that a water-ice bedrock exists beneath that is solid and immobile due to the extreme cold temperatures. Ok, so now that the bite mark has been explained by the wonders of science, let’s throw some abstract ideas around shall we?


See? Aliens are not just for the cowering lunatics living in their tinfoil basements. There are actually intelligent, educated people out there that think Pluto may have life. Now, these aren’t the little green aliens we known from Toy Story per say, but they could be living creatures. Professor Brian Cox thinks life could logically exist far below the surface of the small planet. The environment is certainly harsh enough on the planet, but that doesn’t rule the possibility out. When thinking of the microbes that exist in the deepest part of Earth’s ocean, it’s not that wild to think the same time of organisms could exist on other planets.