LSD to Make You Creative, Medical Marijuana to Make You Mentally Ill

LSD to Make You Creative, Medical Marijuana to Make You Mentally Ill Clapway

Scientists have reported that LSD makes you creative. One doesn’t need a masters degree to figure that out, though, just throw on Dark Side of the Moon to get a dial proof of that fact. It’s not necessarily the creative aspect that scientists are gushing over this week. Thanks to a new technology, scientist have created brain images of the human mind while on the drug. The results were fascinating, but does marijuana have the same benefits?


The past few years have seen scientist investigate the use of LSD as a way to treat mental disorders. Anxiety, depression and PTSD can all be treated from taking acid. Until now, no study has been able to capture what LSD is really doing to the brains of its users. That mystery has come to a close this week. For the first time, a unique brain-imaging tech has been used that creates images of the human brain on acid. These appropriately trippy pictures deliver some results that are all but surprising.


By recruiting 20 lucky volunteers, scientists were able to analyze the activity of their brain when on LSD. Not surprisingly, the regions of the brain associated with vision were busier when  on the drug. Some estimate that it’s this heightened activity that’s responsible for the hallucinations many experiences while on the drug. This, in turn, can also lead to a heightened sense of creativity. Essentially, what these new images prove is nothing groundbreaking. It just helps visualize what was always known about LSD. Furthermore, this research opens new doors to using the drug for treating mental illness in the future. It’s a big day for the controversial drug. Meanwhile, marijuana comes under scrutiny.


Medical marijuana certainly has its proven benefits, but it’s not without its faults either. Evidence has shown that many people who began smoking marijuana at an early age can develop mental illnesses later in life. THC, the active ingredient in marijuana is said to be more toxic when used during the time of critical brain development in adolescence. The onset of these symptoms is up to six years earlier than those who started smoking after the age of 15. While it ‘s true that some brains are more vulnerable than others, it’s hard to know which ones are at a higher risk. To be safe, it’s probably best to avoid the drug at a young age.