This Car is Better Than Tesla for People With Disabilities

This Car is Better Than Tesla for People With Disabilities Clapway

With the release of the Model 3, Tesla has finally become the car for the everyman. Well, the almost-everyman anyway. Despite its monumental achievements in bringing electric cars to the masses, the Model 3, like most cars, is not that suitable for the physically disabled. For that reason, a new car being produced aims to change that.


Tesla’s automobiles have many fantastic characteristics, but being wheelchair friendly is not one of them. Thankfully, those who are physically bound to a chair won’t be held back with now. AVAI is a unique car that had adapted to wheelchairs with its integrated mobile platform. Many people can’t afford a car on its own not to mention a special one designed for people with disabilities. That is why AVAI made this car in order to serve up a solution.


Just like Tesla has its own unique design, so does AVAI. It is based on an existing chassis, which is approved and meets all safety standards. Additionally, it has an economic engine and automatic transmission. At first glance, this may seem like a normal car, however, the interior is what sets it apart. Using an integrated wheelchair lift, the driver can lift themselves up right behind the steer wigan wheel. The whole operation can be done by one person, using an electronic remote control. Aside from the lift, there are seven airbags, positioning sensors, a special fixation system, electronic control system, GPS and more. To make it even more convenient, the car is compatible with an app for iOS or Android.


If building a wheelchair friendly car wasn’t enough, AVAI is designing a Tesla-like electric chair. In conjunction with the car, the wheelchair will recharge itself when it is on the platform. On its own, this custom chair will have a range of 40 km. That’s even enough to give Nissan Leaf or Tesla some competition. Additionally, the chair is ergonomic, safe and stable while on the platform. As the future of transport is being changed right before our eyes, it’s important companies like AVAI are around to included everyone in the process.