Pluto Lakes Are Officially More Fun Than TheEllenShow

Pluto Lakes Are Officially More Fun Than TheEllenShow

Who could forget that classic moment in 2011 when Steven Spangler and Ellen Degeneres played around with liquid nitrogen? I’m sure it’s been a highlight of many of your lives just as it has been mine. One thing about TheEllenShow has always bothered me, though. Why should Ellen be the one who always has the fun? Someone else deserves the chance to pal around with liquid nitrogen. Fortunately, Pluto agrees.


Liquid nitrogen may have made for a whacky scene on TheEllenShow, but it’s about to get much more attention. According to new revelations from MIT and Southwest Research Institute, Pluto features both tropic and arctic regions. That alone is interesting enough, but it gets crazier. The planet has a unique tilt that changed the atmosphere over time. Combined with other research, this suggests liquid nitrogen may have once flowed on the planet’s surface. This could have formed lakes, pond and other types of terrain.


Like straight men and TheEllenShow, Pluto and tropicals aren’t associated. Being 3.67 billion miles from the sun, one would think the dwarf planet is just an ice ball. While certainly not warm, the planet is similar to Earth due to its axis. While spinning, seasons and climate zones occur. In the tropical region, the sun might be overhead while the in the arctic region, the sun would be lower to the horizon. Pluto has a huge 120-degree axis compared to Earths 23 degree. This makes both zones very active. In addition, it means that most of the planet is, actually, tropical. That doesn’t mean that palm trees and coconuts are rolling around on the planet, though. Essentially, the findings here indicate that there’s radical changes to the atmosphere. As one would expect, they have some dramatic results. yes, even more, dramatic than TheEllenShow.


While Ellen is giving away cars on TheEllenShow, rivers of liquid nitrogen are flowing on Pluto. Due to the dramatic changes of the planet’s atmosphere, a couple of conclusions can be made. For example, it could explain how haze works on the planet as well as show the rate at which atmosphere escapes. Also, due to the high pressure, certain things like nitrogen become liquid. Orkan Umurhan, a researcher from NASA notes that glacial erosion across the planet may have been caused by rivers of liquid nitrogen in the past. An impressive discovery indeed. What is doesn’t explain, however, is why TheEllenShow is so popular. That will forever remain a mystery.