Mercedes to go ‘Tesla’ or even Better; will Nissan Leaf join?

Mercedes to go Tesla or even Better; will Nissan Leaf join?

When an automaker like Mercedes-Benz is challenging your company, then you must be doing something right. The world’s oldest automaker has declared war on Tesla by announcing four premium electric cars of its own. Tensions are heating up in the electric market. Only time will tell if the little guys like Nissan Leaf can hold their own.


It’s no question that Tesla Motors has made a massive impact on the automotive climate. Years ago, electric cars were the  things of nerd sand pot smoking hippies. Tesla has shown everyone that electric cars can be powerful, luxurious and even affordable. As one could imagine, demand has skyrocketed. As a free market tends to go, demand drives competition. It’s this competition that Mercedes isn’t too happy about. Now, Mercedes-Benz is no stranger to competition. They’ve been around since 1886 and they’ve seemed to manage quite well since then. They know how to adapt, and that is exactly what they are doing now to fight Tesla.


Multiple sources say that in 2014, Mercedes approved a large investment of over $2 billion. This investment has the sole purpose of building electric vehicles to specifically target Tesla. Apparently, four new electric cars are expected and all seem to be riffs on Elon Musk’s creation. The first of these can be expected in 2018 followed by some large SUV types. As one can assume, these electric Mercedes will feature their signature performance, handling, and acceleration. If anyone can stand up against the power of Musk, it looks like this will be it. That being said, Nissan Leaf has put up a terrific fight as well.


No one ever called the Nissan Leaf ugly per say, but it didn’t exactly match the sexiness of the Model 3. That’s about to change with the next gen Leaf. Not only does it look like the new Nissan Leaf will get a style upgrade, but it looks to be getting some technological upgrades as well. Now that the Model 3 will be competing directly with their price, Nissan is ready to beat the sales and market of the Model 3. The details are still not out on the next gen model but don’t count Nissan Leaf out just yet.