Aliens Setting up Base on the Moon?

Aliens Setting up Base on the Moon? Clapway

If you search for aliens on YouTube, you’re likely to spend the next few hours looking at videos of UFOs. With so many videos and images of UFOs on the web, one has to wonder where they’re coming from. A recent image of the moon, taken by a lunar satellite may have an answer to that question.

A Moon Full of Mysteries

Upon first glances, this image of the moon looks like any other image of the moon. With a closer look, you’ll start to notice a few odd shapes spread across the surface. An object covered in sunlight, in the middle of the image stands out the most. Just by looking at the object there’s no telling what it is, but the shadow cast by the object suggest that it could be tall. Secureteam10 believes aliens may be involved, claiming the object is a base of some sort. Secureteam10 also believes other objects spotted on the moon are similar to objects previously spotted on Mars. It’s speculated these other objects are alien ships.

Aliens Next Door?

With this strange object appearing on the moon, theorists now believe aliens could be right next door. While it’s unnerving to think aliens could be on the moon, it could also help explain why UFOs have been popping up around the world. Earth just happens to be a part of the aliens’ home commute.

What Could it be Now?

There’s no saying what the object on the moon actually is. It could be an alien base, or it could be an odd shaped crater. All we have to speculate over is the one photo, and that is not nearly enough evidence to determine the existence of aliens. Until undeniable evidence is presented we will be left wondering who, if anyone lives next door.