Facebook News: Social Media Plant is a New Trend

Facebook News: Social Media Plant is a New Trend Clapway

While us humans get to revel in the wonders of Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media, our friends the plant get the shaft. It’s just not fair that they spend all their days standing still, helping us live, while we socialize freely online. If you agree that your plant could lively up a bit, here’s some good news.


If you want a plant to trend on Facebook, you have to do one of two things. First of all, the plant has to grow. For some, that’s the hardest part. Well, imagine a device that will help you to grow everything in your home itself. You can grow tasty herbs to top on your favorite dishes, fresh cucumbers for your salad or virtually any plan you want. Feel free to litter your Facebook news feed with pictures of your baller gardening skills. The device you are imagining is called Chillio and it exists.


Chillio puts the power to control the plant growth in your hands. Set the exact humidity, suitable temp, amount of light and even color tone. Chillio is so precise that it can even check how your plant breathes oxygen and exhales co2. That should be enough to blow anyone’s mind, but the good news hardly ends there. All of these expert features can be controlled by a smartphone, web browser or it’s very own social network. That’s right, your plant can have a social media account just like you on Facebook. Adorable isn’t it? In other news, Chillio is virtually idiot proof.


It’s easy to get lost in your news feed and forget about responsibilities. That’s the irony of social media. Facebook might even make us less social these days. For this reason, sometimes we forget to walk the dog, feed the baby or more importantly, water the plant. Fortunately,┬áChillio’s got our back. It can water plants on its own as well as add the exact amount of fertilizer. Additionally, it will adjust humidity, light, and temperature as well. If you happen to be on vacation taking wild pictures for social media, Chillio can give you access to camera and sensors so the plant can be checked on from all over the world. Of course, once your plant is grown up and healthy, you’re going to want to share it with others on Chillio’s own private social media network. Your plants deserve better and you know it.