Apple Teamed Up with Twitter: 5 Things You Didn’t Know

How To Eat An Apple Apple Teamed Up with Twitter: 5 Things You Didn’t Know Clapway

With the popularity of Twitter falling, the site is in the middle of an identity crisis. This past week the social media site made a change to how it is received. The site is no longer classified as a social media app on the Apple Store but is now a news app. This change, small in stature, could be the first step for Twitter to turn things around.

Twitter: Oh How the Mighty have Fallen

Twitter’s popularity has fallen in the recent months. With the site’s earnings and ad revenue both down, Twitter is looking for a way out of its current downward spiral. Earlier this month, the social media site reached a deal with the NFL to stream 10 Thursday night games next season. Even with a big name like the NFL behind it, Twitter is continuing to struggle.

Times are Changing

Twitter is lacking many basic features that make social media sites popular. The lack of a proper profile page, group functions, and the limit of 140 characters per tweet limits the social aspects of the site. Rebranding itself as a news site could be the change the site needs. Users can log on, get a quick fix of news and updates, and then pursue additional information through links provided in tweets.

Top News

As a social media app Twitter was the fifth most popular app in the Apple Store, falling behind Messenger, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Pinterest. The move to the news category puts Twitter in the top news app position, above CNN Politics and Reddit. The new position could bring in new users, who may have never considered the site as a source for news.

Onboard with Apple

Apple also finds itself in a time of little growth. The tech giant saw Apple iPhone sales fall for the first time in nine years. Other items in the Apple portfolio haven’t fared much better. Regardless, Twitter executives have decided to implement their changes within the Apple Store.

What About Android?

At this time, Twitter has only made category changes in the Apple Store. The site is still classified as a social media app in the Google Play Store and is currently the fifth most popular social media app. With Apple and Samsung combining for 66 percent of smartphone sales in the market, it shouldn’t be too long before Android users see the category change.