UFO Cigar is Captured by a Florida Man; Scientists Were Busy with a Comet

UFO Cigar is Captured by a Florida Man; Scientists Were Busy with a Comet Clapway

If there’s anything Floridians love, it’s cigars, aliens and bath salts. One fortunate resident was able to get two-thirds of those the other day on film. One video shows a cigar-shaped UFO flying over the skies of Saint Petersburg. Scientists were not available to comment as they had their hands full with a weird new comet. Plus, no one believes a Florida man anyway.


A Florida man in Saint Petersburg caught some interesting footage the other day. No, it was not some girls gone wild at spring break, but a strange UFO flying in the sky. Usually, one is used to seeing circular saucers or square like alien objects, but this one was unique. As shown in the video, the out of focus object is long and slender, much like one of the many cigars produced in Cuba. Not to say there is any relationship but it is a little strange. Cubans love cigars and Floridians love UFOs, it’s odd the two would appear in one. If only there were some scientists available to put this to rest. Oh, right. They are off observing events of substance.


A crack team of researchers from the University of Hawaii has made an interesting discovery the other day. A report from Reuters says a weird comet without a tail was discovered and it’s made of the same type of rock found here on Earth. Astronomers believe this discovery could help us shed light on our solar system humble beginning. The comet was likely formed in the same area as Earth before it began it’s solar orbit. There may even be more of these organic UFO’s out there.


Depending on how many of these comets are found, scientists will be able to figure out if planets dance around the stars when they were young or if they grew up in a more stable environment. The comet they are calling “Manx”, after a cat without a tail, is not the average comet. It contains materials similar to those found in the asteroids stretching between Mars and Jupiter. It also has no long stream of vaporized ice associated with many comets. While scientists continue to work on the mysteries of our universe, Floridians can keep themselves busy with cigar UFO’s. Who knows what they will find next.