Windows 95 Installed on Apple Watch

Windows 95 Installed on Apple Watch Clapway

It’s been about one year since Apple first released its smartwatch to the world. At first, the watch was met with some controversy but since then, the Apple Watch is slowly making its way into the everyday lives of millions. Despite these improvements, one self-proclaimed genius thought Windows 95 just wasn’t getting the respect it deserves anymore.


When the Apple Watch first dawned the wrists of the few and wealthy, not many people had high hopes for the continuation of such a device. A year later, they couldn’t be any more wrong. The watch has become yet another fine device by Apple and now that new apps are being developed, the thought of owning one seems more realistic. Essentially, Apple Watch is developing into a tiny iPhone for your wrist. Users can have iMessage notifications pop up and even use Siri on the watch to respond to certain messages. Most similar wearables put fitness first in their marketing campaign. Apple’s watch doesn’t do that, but the Activity feature happens to be one of its strongest. Unlike other wearables, Apple Watch is evolving into a jack-of-all-trades, master of all. As it continues to develop, its relevance will only become more apparent.


Rumors are already spreading regards to Apple newest watch in September. Expect it to be cheaper, have cosmetic updates and even a tweaked interface. Apple is hoping to make their watch from  a neat accessory to something life changing we can’t imagine living without. One man, however, has his own plans. Apparently Apple’s OS doesn’t cut it, so like any genius would he installed Windows 95 on it.


Don’t you miss Windows 95? No? One can’t blame you. Although at the time, it was truly an amazing OS, let’s just say not many would choose to revert back to its archaic ways. Yet still, one “genius” has. A user on YouTube has released and instructional video on how to install Windows 95 on his Apple Watch. He had his reasons, albeit it’s not sure if they are of sound logic. One can suppose that like opinions, operating systems are subjective. If one crazy man prefers Windows 95 over Apple’s OS, then so be it.