Aliens To Take Over Earth by 2029; President Knows

Aliens To Take Over Earth by 2029; President Knows Clapway

A YouTube video about a possible alien takeover of Earth by 2029 has nearly 15,000 viewers. The YouTube channel MLordandGod that has more than 50,000 followers explains alien meetings with presidents and Earth’s upcoming invasion. If you believe aliens do, in fact, exist, then you may find info about secret presidential alien meetings informative. However, if you believe we are alone in the universe, this may simply bring  a bit of entertainment to your day. Could it be possible that presidents have met with aliens before? We may never know. Such information would tear the fabric of church and state.

President Eisenhower’s Secret Meetings

The YouTube video shared a former pentagon consultant’s claims about President Eisenhower’s secret meetings with aliens. It is rumored that Eisenhower had three separate meetings with them. The meetings were held at a New Mexico air base. The video explained that the FBI sent telepathic messages to arrange the meetings. This has been a topic of debate by the UFO followers for decades. It was rumored that Eisenhower sold out the human race at one meeting. Another meeting had members of a Native American tribe present.

Is Earth in Danger?

If Eisenhower did sell out the human race, why are the aliens taking so long to make their move? Since those meetings, there may have been several more. Our government leaders could have been trading technology for humans since the Eisenhower era. The famous “UFO Whistleblower,” Phil Schneider, was vocal about aliens on Earth. He shared information about an advanced spy satellite that the government built with alien help. Schneider was found dead in 1996. Many people believe a wealth of secrets also died with him.

Aliens in the White House

Maybe President Obama is an alien? Or what about Trump? Earth has been a hotspot for UFOs in recent years. And there are plenty of videos of UFOs in odd places around the world you can watch on YouTube. It could be said that the best way to take down the human race on Earth is to begin with controlling the government. And the extremely wealthy should be infiltrated as well. This would eventually enslave the rest of the population while resources are stripped from Earth. The wealthiest one percent may be aliens, and human enslavement has already begun, aliens or not.