SpaceX Creating Costumes To Meet Aliens

SpaceX Creating Costumes To Meet Aliens Clapway

SpaceX has the whole launching/landing rockets thing down, but if they plan to voyage to other planets, they’ll need a few additions to their operation. Fortunately, the company agrees and they are working on their own in-house spacesuits. With legendary designer Jose Fernadez at the helm, the suits look appropriate for a possible meeting with aliens.


Calling SpaceX spacesuits badass is not just a lazy term of description by an even lazier author, but actually the words from CEO Elon Musk himself. Musk stated that the spacesuits need to be a priority for their astronauts and that he wants them to look badass. With famous costume designer Jose Fernandez in charge, that will likely happen. Anyone who has seen The Avengers, Batman v Superman, Iron Man, Oblivion or a wealth of other badass movies, then Jose Fernandez’s work will look familiar. Will aliens appreciate this fresh, new look?


Fernandez had two weeks in order to present the suit but said they couldn’t do a full one in that time. However, he was able to produce a helmet. SpaceX liked the helmet and six months later, a functional and stylish product were in the works. SpaceX has been talking about the idea of sending humans into deep space,and in orde to do so, will need special suits like this. While it may look badass to us, aliens we encounter might not think so. Will aliens laugh in the faces of the heroic space travelers before they vaporize their molecules instantly? Perhaps, but at least, they will go out in style.


At the moment, there’s no telling what the suit will look like, or when it will be released. However, SpaceX says it will certainly look fly, but also practical. Normal spacesuits are purely functional. For this SpaceX started with a concept design then went backward to figure out how style could be fit into it. For some reason, space suits have never really looked great, although Hollywood is filled with flashy, space swag costumes. Now Elon Musk hopes to bring the dreams of the big screen, to reality. The aliens of the universe should prepare themselves. These won’t be the astronauts of yonder.