iPhone 6 Sofa Arm Table: 5 Reasons Apple Fans are Happy

iPhone 6 Sofa Arm Table: 5 Reasons Apple Fans are Happy Clapway

Imagine having an armchair table that was form-fitting, offered a sleek design, and had a place for your iPhone. Sometimes you can get what you want for your Apple products. The SOTA laser cut sofa arm table offers all the great qualities you are looking for. Balancing your coffee cup, or after work wine glass on your sofa armrest is a risky endeavor. You may end up spending more time rubbing out red wine from your carpet than actually relaxing. The SOTA sofa arm table will allow you to do everything you wish with its sleek all in one design.

Sleek Seamless Apple Design

The SOTA is as clever as its name. It’s aesthetically pleasing design is exactly what Apple enthusiasts expect. It forms to your sofa’s armrest with ease. And it is most certainly not an eyesore like past sofa tables offered on late night infomercials. The SOTA is constructed with poplar plywood on a brown felt. Making it perfect for any sofa armrest size.

Multitask with Your iPhone

Balancing a glass of red while checking social media, or connecting with friends and family via FaceTime is challenging. For you, your carpet, and your iPhone. The SOTA laser cut sofa arm table is perfect for the avid multi-tasker. You can have your beverage of choice balanced without worry. Your iPhone safely positioned in the upright holder. And still have ample space for whatever you plan on doing while in relax mode.

Custom Smartphone and Tablet Holder

No iPhone, no problem. Tablet or iPad, SOTA can accommodate. The smartphone upright holder can accommodate smartphones or tablets with a thickness of fewer than 9 mm, or from 9 mm to 12 mm. You just let the designer know, and you will get the perfect iPhone, Apple device, Android, Kindle, or Tablet fit, depending on the model.

Multiple Colors for SOTA to Choose From

The SOTA isn’t simply one color fits all product. Everyone has his or her own style, and SOTA wants to be like a sofa armrest chameleon. You may even want your SOTA to compliment your iPhone or Apple device instead of your sofa. You can choose from a selection of colors, including light walnut, dark walnut, and natural wood. Each SOTA is hand finished for that personal elegant touch.

SOTA On Sale with Fast Delivery

Apple fans wait long enough for next generation models to be released. You can have your SOTA iPhone and wine ready in a half weeks time after purchase. The SOTA is also on sale. You can order your SOTA for $45, a great discount for 100 percent relaxation. Apple products are trending these days, from SOTA to a Bluetooth enabled hoodie for Apple loyalists in search of usability.