iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 Mushroom Lamp: 5 Reasons Apple Fans are Happy

iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 Mushroom Lamp: 5 Reasons Apple Fans are Happy Clapway

Imagine having a cool and illuminating place to put your iPhone at night. Or when you need to multitask around the house. Now you can illuminate your life, room and charge your iPhone with one new product. The Mushroom LED Lamp is the newest and coolest way to charge your iPhone 6. Or your iPhone 7 if you are excited about those new features. The Mushroom lamp by ZISION X IDMIX lets users store their iPhones without constantly reaching to the floor for a cord. Or looking for an Apple charger at the bottom of a bag. The Mushroom lamp is an atmosphere light that will not only charge your iPhone, but also charge your life. The crowdfunding campaign has met their funding goal, but with 33 days left, you can still back this Apple-inspired accessory for daily life and tech.

Mushroom Shape for Your Little Apple

The Mushroom lamp is exactly that, a mushroom. The mushroom design highlights any room in your home or your office space. The Mushroom lamp design is wood and artificial blown glass. It is an inviting table or nightstand piece with warm qualities. The artificial blown glass process is also pretty awesome, making each Mushroom lamp unique.

Affordable iPhone Charger with Style

A run of the mill iPhone charger will cost you between $19 and $35 at the Apple store or online. You can get a Mushroom lamp for $69, but there is still one more $49 early bird package left. Not a bad price for a charger and unique design piece for your home. USB charging cable is included with the Mushroom lamp.

Certified for iPhone Devices

The Mushroom lamp is certified for iPhones. This makes it 100 percent compatible with your iPhone 6, or the next generation models that will hopefully be launched soon. What’s taking Apple so long?

Perfect Size and Quality

The Mushroom lamp is the perfect size for nearly any table or space in your home or office. It has dimensions of 140mm x 140mm x 132 mm. The Mushroom lamp is also manufactured with North American Hard Maple. Exceptional quality for long-term use.

Power Combined Lighting

The Mushroom lamp is equipped with eight hour under lighting. It has a 5000 mAh battery as well. This apple inspired Mushroom lamp also has three lighting settings. You will be able to set the perfect mood while charging your iPhone in an organized way.