NASA, Aliens Captured on Camera in Area 51; Hillary Involved…

NASA, Aliens Captured on Camera in Area 51; Hillary Involved... Clapway

There has been a buzz around Hilary Clinton’s recent vow to investigate Area 51. Presidential candidate Hilary Clinton could be the first woman president, who also is the first believer. This could put aliens and NASA secrets into perspective moving into the next decade. The buzz of what Hilary announced has also caused a revival of the odd happening at Area 51. The famed military, NASA base has been synonymous with aliens, dating back to the 50s. A new YouTube video from thirdphaseofmoon jumps the unauthorized fences and looks at Area 51 using Google Maps. What thirdphaseofmoon finds is a bit odd.

Area 51 Millennium Falcon

There were reports that two Millennium Falcon TR3-B spacecrafts could be seen using Google Maps. This led to the investigation by thirdphaseofmoon, who posted their findings on YouTube. The idea of Millennium Falcons being used at Area 51 is odd to begin with. How did Star Wars fiction become a real life thing? Did George Lucas sell his soul to aliens in order to get his creative ideas for the popular movies? In the video, you can barely see anything that looks like a Millennium Falcon TR3-B spacecraft. But you have to figure that NASA knows people will be using Google Maps to see Area 51. Will this make Hilary speak up sooner?

Hilary and Aliens

Hilary Clinton may be taking the route of former President Carter. Carter was very outspoken about aliens. He wanted to find some answers and release those findings to the people. At least that is what it seemed. Carter could have also been using the topic as a sleight of hand distraction. Kind of like what Hilary may be doing now. Hilary has vowed to investigate Area 51 and its secrets. Just like Carter had once done. Bill Clinton has also openly discussed the possibilities of aliens making communication with Earth. Are the Clinton’s completely insane? Or are they aliens that have blended in to study our human lives? A professor at the University of Southern California announced this theory in the year 2000.

NASA Cover-Ups May be Subtle

NASA knows that people are watching Area 51. They understand that there are teams of retired folk with binoculars watching the base’s every move. Area 51 may have once been a secret military spacecraft testing facility. But now it may simply be another government sleight of hand. Just like Hilary and Carter, NASA is showing the public what they want to believe while testing somewhere entirely different. You may find some interesting things on Google Maps, but they may be staged for your enjoyment.