New Tech Merged iPhone 6 with Samsung Galaxy S7: 5 Things You Didn’t Know

New Tech Merged iPhone 6 with Samsung Galaxy S7: 5 Things You Didn’t Know Clapway

A large percentage of people today own more than one smartphone. Since next generation smartphones are released every year, phones can add up quick if you don’t trade them in. Owning an iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S7 at the same time may make you look like a hypocrite to some. But maybe your iPhone is for pleasure, and your Samsung Galaxy S7 is for work. As tech evolves, your innovative choices grow. And unfortunately, so do a number of chargers and cables you have scattered around your home. The iacharger is a Dual Retractable Charger for iPhone and Android that allows you to cut back on clutter. Something all tech heads already have too much of.

Inspired by Necessity

The iacharger for your iPhone and Android was inspired by life. Like most of the smart devices people use daily, an impact on life is necessary. This dual retractable charger was developed by Teofilo “Chico” Organista and Sonia Romero, but not by accident. They have had multiple businesses in their 21 years of partnership. And one of those was a cell phone repair service. Imagine the ball of cords and chargers they dealt with daily. That is how the iacharger was born.

Charge an iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S7 Together

Sometimes opposites do attract. The need for a charger compatible with the iPhone and Android is essential for any family. Mom and daughter may have an iPhone, while dad prefers his Samsung Galaxy S7. This could cause outlet wars, but not with the iacharger. The retractable cords will also help keep your home more organized.

Targeting Tech for Businesses

As good as the iacharger is for the nuclear smartphone family, it is targeted for businesses. The retractable cord allows multiuse with any other person’s iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S7. You can simply plug-in and socialize. Great for industries like restaurants, airports, cafes, hotels, and waiting rooms, among other places.

USB Compatible Smart Tech

The iacharger is equipped with a USB cord that you can plug into any device that has USB compatibility. It takes even more cords and clutters out of the equation. Keeping your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S7 charged while staying organized. This tech is nothing ground shattering. It simply creates the perfect solution that everyone is searching for. Making it the smartest tech.

Great Discount Backing Opportunities

Tech can be expensive, especially if you own an iPhone and a Samsung Galaxy S7. You can become a backer of the iacharger campaign for as little as $12. This will get you 50 percent off of your iacharger purchase. Want to back iacharger and get one in the mail? For the low cost of $25, you can make that happen.