NASA Found Giant Aliens Near Red Star

NASA Found Giant Aliens Near Red Star Clapway

Planet eating stars and giant aliens living in space doesn’t sound that appealing. Why would anyone want to go up there? Astronauts are almost addicted to space missions. Most say it was the most memorable moment in their lives. If they are fit enough to go back into space, most will stop at nothing to make it happen. So what is so amazing about space? Aliens. In the last sequence phase of a star, they grow several hundred times larger. So large that any planet near a giant red star will be consumed. However, planets close, but not too close will become warm enough to support new forms of life. New forms of aliens. This may be why NASA has begun its search for life on certain planets.

Earth’s Sun a Giant Red Star

Researchers from the Carl Sagan Institute at Cornell University have made some very interesting statements regarding aliens. They said that some stars could continue shining for billions of years. This would make the planets around a red star much warmer. The researchers also stated that this warming could be hospitable for aliens. Our sun will become a red star in roughly 5.4 billion years. Which is quite a ways away, but is an example that may support aliens near another star that has already reached its last sequence phase. Becoming a red star.

NASA may be Right About Mars

According to the recent research discussing red star aliens, Mars is on the edge of the “habitable zone.” Earth is currently in the habitable zone sweet spot, obviously. But as the sun ages, Mars will slowly take Earth’s spot in this space sweet spot. If Mars is on the edge of the red star boundary, it would suggest that life does, in fact, exist on the Red Planet. In theory. NASA and SpaceX are pushing hard for Mars colonization. But one of the biggest problems is that the Martian atmosphere is too cold. In a few million years, this could all change. This would make NASA sort of right about Mars. And Elon Musk really thinks ahead, although he will be long dead before Mars hits that sweet spot.

Aliens Do Exist

If you took a rationale, scientific look at the current research and its data, it would be difficult to dismiss aliens. Sure, an alien may not land and say hello anytime soon, but Mars aliens, in fact, inhabit the Red Planet. Maybe we have given aliens too much tech credit. They could simply be Mars cave dwellers that have evolved to the harsh cold and climate. NASA may know this, and it would explain their growing interest in the multiple Martian craters. How much does NASA know?