NASA Telescope Captured Alien Craters on Mars

NASA Telescope Captured Alien Craters on Mars

The NASA Mars rover Curiosity may be out of a job after a NASA telescope captures Mars in high definition. Mars was seen like never before in an incredible up close and personal shot of the Red Planet. The stunning image of Mars clearly shows Martian ice caps, clouds, and possibly alien craters. Once again, NASA fuels the UFO and alien enthusiasts with a picture perfect view of some of Mars’ most mysterious features. How will this impact the alien followers? One thing is certain, there will be plenty more YouTube videos highlighting Millennium Falcons and alien buildings on the Red Planet. But the photo may also reveal the secrets NASA has been hiding for decades.

Hubble Telescope Catches Mars in Rare Moment

Remember the Hubble Telescope? It has been awhile since its innovation has been celebrated. Like a new generation of iPhones, the Hubble Telescope delivers big. On May 12, the Hubble captured Mars in a rare moment. The Red Planet was only 50 million miles away, which may not seem that close, but it is. In fact, Mars will be at “opposition” on May 22. This will be the closest the alien planet has been to Earth, ever. When this happens, Mars will be the clearer than normal for all you astronomers, and UFO enthusiasts.

Did NASA Show Alien Craters on Accident?

The newest picture of the Red Planet is so clear that NASA may have shown us something they didn’t mean to. The 2020 mission to find ancient alien life on the Martian planet could prove more successful between Curiosity’s data and the Hubble’s photos. If you are not a believer, then you may just find this all silly. But unfortunately, your tax dollars are funding these space expeditions. The possibility of aliens currently inhabiting the Red Planet is slim. But the secretive space agency would most likely not share their true findings to the public anyway.

Elon Musk Porn

Elon Musk, the SpaceX and Tesla mastermind may be locked away in a dark room doing naughty things to himself over the new Hubble photo. Musk has been pretty transparent about his mission to colonize Mars. And most experts put their money on Musk to do it first. The only issue is the planet’s fierce cold. But Musk has a scientific solution to warm his new home. He said that the fastest solution would be to drop thermonuclear bombs on Mars’ poles. Maybe the next SpaceX mission will be dropping hot loads on the Red Planet. Would aliens strike back?

NASA Telescope Captured Alien Craters on Mars Clapway
Photo: NASA