NASA Stress Relief Glasses: 5 Things Making Space Fans Happy

NASA Stress Relief Glasses: 5 Things Making Space Fans Happy Clapway

Working for NASA can be pretty awesome. The NASA engineers that get to crash space capsules into a giant pool may have the best space job ever. Forget Mars. Who wants to be put into a deep vegetative state for eight months on their way to the Red Planet? Especially when you can drop the smartest crash test dummies ever made from high platforms. NASA has been doing a lot of research surrounding space capsule crashes after they return to Earth. Despite the few seconds of fun, these engineers probably spend long hours drooling over endless data. How do they relax? AYO smart glasses may be the answer. Keeping these NASA engineers energized for countless crashes.

Space-Inspired Tech

The AYO light based, energy boosting wearable may have been space inspired. They are health minded with a side of tech NASA may find useful. The AYO smart glasses are compatible with any smartphone, letting users use the AYO app to control their energy, sleep, and daily rhythm. The app allows users to customize programs and device algorithms for a boost of energy. You can also connect with other AYO users via the app. Maybe Elon Musk is on there, and you can chat about Mars.

Stay Healthy on Earth, or the ISS

The daily health benefits of the AYO smart glasses may be achieved by simply using the wearable 20 minutes per day. Users can use the AYO smart glasses anytime and anywhere. Could be perfect for the ISS crew. It must be hard to get much-needed relaxation time in.

NASA Missions without Jetlag

No more jet lag, or rocket-lag in the case of NASA. The AYO blue-light technology allows users, or NASA engineers and astronauts alike, to optimize their energy. The light based relaxation adjusts hormones letting users stay in rhythm wherever they land. Maybe even Mars.

More for Less

NASA may have a multi-billion dollar budget, but you probably don’t. The AYO smart glasses give you more for less. You can get all the health and tech benefits of the AYO and AYO app for the discount price of $169. It’s more than $100 less than the regular price. They are far more affordable than most smart glasses on the market. And possibly the only ones that may improve your health.

Great Space Tech Design

The AYO smart glasses boast a space tech design that space junkies crave. They have a sleek shape that wraps seamlessly from lens to ear. These smart glasses are a wearable that has it all. From NASA to Mars. You may be seeing them on the next ISS footage.