YouTube Says Sex is Possible for Pornhub and RedTube Fans

YouTube Says Sex is Possible for Pornhub and RedTube Fans Clapway

Pornhub and Redtube fans are fans for a reason. Often times they navigate the dark and twisted corridors of these porn sites in hopes of feeling maybe just something for a few minutes. Dreams of love have long since diminished and now, they are only left with the sinful desire of lust as their only companion. Not so fast says Youtube. Sex with the girl of your dreams is possible, so don’t lose hope just yet.


Society likes to place fans of sites like Pornhub and Redtube into these sinful corners of shame. That is simply not fair. They are people too. They deserve to have the pleasure of sex just as much as the millionaire businessmen, the popular college football player or the Calvin Klein model. The thing is, people on Pornhub and Redtube think pornstars would never have sex with them. They see themselves as low lives. As unattractive blobs of flesh who have too many cats and not nearly enough likable qualities. Well, YouTube says that’s just not true. Their latest take on “Ask a Porn Star” shows that even PornHub and RedTube fans stand a chance with attractive women in the sack.


Imagine asking a porn star who they wouldn’t have sex with. One might assume the normal responses of which will be left to the imagination. For those Pornhub and Redtube fans reading this, watch the Youtube video. Porn stars are people too and they have likes and dislikes just like anyone. Everyone stands a chance to get laid no matter how big, small, cute or ugly one may be. All it takes is a little effort. If that YouTube video didn’t inspire you enough, let this be a lesson in motivation.


Get off Youtube, YouJizz or any other distracting sex site out there. Porn is only a self-induced circle of crippling discouragement. You go to porn sites because you’re sad and can’t get laid but then those porn sites only make you sadder because of the fact you can’t get laid. Everyone needs a good wank now and then, but that shouldn’t prevent you from putting yourself out there. Put on a t-shirt without stains, go outside (you know, that place with the sun and stuff) and grab a companion you seem to like. Not physically of course, but at least try to talk to one. You’ll find that people all over want sex too. It just takes a little effort.